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Boyshort panty made of luxury combed cotton (020495)

Boyshort panty made of luxury combed cotton (020495)

$4.89 $6.99

Ivory patterns
Jasper gray
Pop flowers
Fruity ivory
Zebra White
Mini print flowers
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Meet the best pair of UNDIES you'll ever wear.

We know it's hard to find the perfect pair of undies — that's why we've made sure that each and every pair of Diane underwear is handmade with the best quality luxury fabrics from around the world.

We're obsessed with quality, and we don't just mean the softest, most luxurious fabrics you've ever felt. We mean the most comfortable, flattering fit you've ever had—and that's not something we say lightly.

Reference 020495: Boyshort panty made of luxury combed cotton.

Wide waistband.
Great coverage for inner thighs.
Soft fabric for better comfort.
Soft control in lower abs.

Cotton spandex, with luxury quality, combed cotton fiber for maximum comfort and durability.

Designed and produced in Colombia.